Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bales mostly set up

I meant to have this done by now but the April showers have come in May this year! So I finally got out there and started pulling out the bales. Some were light but a lot more were really heavy as they already were wet. Some even have some mold on them. I am hoping that won't be bad.
Speaking of April Showers, she and May Flowers have a day pen by the garden so I let them out to do some weeding. I am not sure what to do with the spot where April is in this shot. It was the old "raised bed," in quotes because it didn't stay very raised and fell apart. But I have a huge mound of dirt there. Since I hate to buy dirt, it just seems wrong to me. I was thinking of mixing that with some very old compost to use in all those garden boxes dear ol' mom got.
I should have done this first, but I never do things in the right order. I want to put down news paper between the rows and then cover it with straw. I have lots of extra straw. That will be the next project.
See how much help April and May are being?
I guess May thought it was a lot of hard too!

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